Comprehensive Accounts . . . the Details

You've done the hard part by producing the accounts. So why stress about producing iXBRL-compliant accounts?

Let Comprehensive Accounts do it for you - at the click of a mouse!

Has iXBRL filing of your company accounts for tax purposes and Companies House got you confused?  Don't know where to turn for simple, effective advice?

"The ICPA has taken more calls from concerned members about this subject than any other in our existence," says Tony Margaritelli, chairman of The ICPA.  "The result is that The ICPA has joined forces with Diamond Discovery Software to provide a simple, cost-effective solution to the whole issue."

In a nutshell, HMRC will no longer accept company accounts submitted on paper from 1st April 2011 - nor will they accept your company accounts submitted as a simple PDF attachment.  They have to be converted to iXBRL and filed as such.

To combat the problem we, along with our long-time partners Diamond Discovery Software, have devised the Comprehensive Accounts package.

This software will produce the accounts for sole traders, partnerships and small limited companies, which will be converted to an iXBRL file, allowing the accountant to attach it to their existing software or, indeed, to HMRC's free offering.

You do not need to change your existing tax return software or subscribe to their accounts production package.

Quite apart from solving the iXBRL conundrum, you will always be kept Companies House compliant!